By Gavin Becker

PSI Expands Public Safety Assessments

Burbank, CA – (February 19, 2013) – PSI, an industry-leading provider of professional assessment services, recently expanded public safety work with several of the largest municipalities in the United States.

PSI’s assessment of 40,000 candidates for the New York City Fire Department was hailed in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and London Herald, as a fair and accurate process enabling the City of New York to hire fire-rescue personnel for the first time in nearly a decade. Today, we are pleased to announce that PSI has expanded work with two more of the largest municipalities in the nation – Los Angeles County and the City of Memphis. To date, PSI has assessed more than 3,600 candidates for these two programs, providing the following services:

  • Job Analysis,
  • Test Validation,
  • Customized Test Booklets,
  • Test Preparation Guide,
  • Scanning, Scoring and Reporting of Results,
  • Adverse Impact Analysis,
  • Onsite delivery and Test Administration,
  • Test Storage & Destruction,
  • SME Meetings.

PSI’s long history of experience in this space is a testament to providing the best possible services to the public safety sector – not only incorporating computer based testing but also utilizing video simulations which bring an evolutionary element to the assessments.

“PSI is the oldest and largest provider of police and fire-rescue assessments in the industry,” said John Weiner, PSI’s Chief Science Officer. “We are able to provide highly accurate, defensible, and innovative assessments, enabling clients to hire and promote exceptional talent in a way that keeps them safe and reduces their administrative burden.”

More information about PSI’s work with Police and Fire-Rescue can be found on our public safety website at

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