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Online Interactive Remote Proctoring


Worldwide IT Certification Organizations who are testing candidates desire the ease of accessibility to test “anywhere anytime” thereby lessening the inconvenience of limited test center dates, hours of operation and lengthy travel times. These high tech organizations are looking for real solutions to expand their certifications programs.



PSI’s Online Interactive Remote Proctoring solution fits perfectly into the IT Certification Organizations’ candidate testing solutions. PSI partners with your IT credentialing program to provide your candidates with a highly secure easily accessible test “anywhere anytime” option. Our service connects the candidate to a real person who they can see and hear. This person will walk the candidate through the exam process and help them if they run into any problems.


PSI’s expertise in Candidate authentication is handled through our state of the art Authentication Package. A digital photo match of the test taker is completed utilizing facial recognition software and a visual match at test launch, which is stored with the test taker’s test record… along with a picture of the candidate Photo ID. Should your program have another means of identifying an individual, the picture or document can also be scanned and uploaded to the system and stored with the test taker’s information for additional authentication.


PSI seamlessly integrates with a variety of test engines and learning management system platforms. Tests don’t have to be ported into a different format and PSI can remotely proctor your performance-based tests – allowing test proficiency in third party applications easily and cost effectively. This solution offers IT Certification Organizations the widest reach, while offering examinees the highest convenience and flexibility. PSI extends the reach of your IT testing program by bringing the exam closer to the examinee.



  • Increase Program’s Global Reach: Penetrate new consumer markets; increase organization/brand/certification awareness.
  • Improve Candidates’ Testing Experience: Eliminate travel to testing centers, allow candidates to choose a convenient date and testing time as PSI’s Online Interactive Remote Proctoring solution is offered 24/7/365 (with exception of reasonable downtime).
  • Choice in Assessment Offering: Organization has several assessment styles to choose from: multiple-choice (MC), performance-based (PB), or a hybrid of both (HYB).
  • Increase In Overall Assessment: Higher revenue for the Certification Organization.



  • Real-time, live monitoring of testing candidate via their web-cam and audio system. Proctors focused solely on the task of detecting unusual behavior such as unusual eye movements, removing oneself from the field of vision or making atypical noises
  • Candidate Startup in which a system compatibility check is performed during the scheduling process and available anytime via PSI’s website. The Compatibility Tool is intended to ensure that the candidate’s computer meets minimum specifications, including webcam and audio system.)
  • PSI Certified Proctors provide consistent high quality capacity proctoring availability across time zones. (All proctors have direct PSI proctoring expertise, and are located in Nevada or Chicago.)
  • Innovative technologies are leveraged to increase automation, allowing for greater efficiency and use of proctor’s time and focus. (Increased candidate to proctor ratio (8:1).)



Security Features:

  • Real-time desktop monitoring protects content and offers fraud prevention.
  • Provides Testing Candidate identity authentication using one of the following options:
    • Single Sign-on Integration – uses client’s previously obtained individual identity assets from an established data system (e.g., photo, log-in credentials).
    • Online Identity Verification – uses identity assets from established social media accounts (e.g., LinkedIn).
  • Exam Content is encrypted and can be stored on our secure servers or on the Certification Organization’s platform, which we can easily plug into simply using APIs.
  • No third party software installation is necessary; testing portal is launched directly within any modern browser (e.g., Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox).
  • Proctors do not become Testing Candidates’ System Administrators; proctors only have access to the browser screen.
  • Proctors do not have access to content; items are blurred on all PSI monitoring systems.
  • Communication between Proctors and Testing Candidates is limited to type chat; Proctors can view and hear Testing Candidates, but Testing Candidates cannot view or hear Proctors (i.e., veil of neutrality).
  • All testing session activity (i.e., chat log and audio/video feed) may be retained for a customizable period of time (e.g., Testing Candidate’s score contest period, usually 0, 30, 60, or 90 days).

Technical Features:

  • Our technologies do not use Flash; they are based on HTML5 and WebRTC, allowing Testing Candidates to use most operating systems (e.g., Apple Mac, Google Chrome, Linux, Microsoft Windows).
  • PSI is integrated into the most common test drivers and allows the Client to use the driver of their choice, and own and manage their content without incurring publishing fees.
  • PSI provides several web-service end-points, including the ability to create eligibility in real-time as well as “get” results for completed exams.
  • The Compatibility Tool is part of the PSI website, and part of the scheduling process.
  • The scheduling of a Remote Proctored Exam uses the same system, and is very similar, to scheduling an exam for a physical location, with the exception that a location is not selected.
  • Items are presented to the Candidate one at a time as needed based on the selection rules for a given exam, never downloaded or installed on the Candidate’s system.



PSI Services LLC (PSI) has over 70 years of experience providing worldwide testing solutions to corporations, federal and state government agencies, professional associations, certifying bodies and leading academic institutions. PSI offers a comprehensive solutions approach from test development to delivery to results processing, including pre-hire employment selection, managerial assessments, licensing and certification tests, distance learning testing, license management services and professional services. More information is available at