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Record & Review Remote Proctoring


Worldwide IT Certification Organizations who are testing candidates desire the ease of accessibility to test “anywhere anytime” thereby lessening the inconvenience of limited test center dates, hours of operation and lengthy travel times. These high tech organizations are looking for real solutions to expand their certifications programs.



PSI’s Record & Review Remote Proctoring solution fits perfectly into the IT Certification Organizations’ candidate testing solutions. PSI partners with your IT credentialing program to provide your candidates with a highly secure easily accessible test anywhere anytime option. PSI pioneered the Record and Review remote proctoring solution -a cloud-based technology solution, on-demand, easy to use, low cost alternative to testing centers, personal proctors, and other methods of securing the online testing environment. Test takers can take tests at their convenience, in the comfort of their own homes, using their computer and a Webcam. There is no test taker set-up required, no new hardware, no scheduling, no pre-purchase, candidate logs in and tests with integrity. Each candidate exam session is saved for later review by certified PSI Proctors in its entirety including: Room Scan, ID verification process, webcam video with audio & desktop video. A comprehensive and complete report of all exam policy violations and suspicious activity is provided to company. All exam videos are stored securely on servers using government approved encryption standards. . Access to the video records is restricted to authorized personnel only. Video records are maintained for as long as the organization offering the exam requires.


PSI’s expertise in Candidate authentication is handled thru our state of the art Authentication package a simple interface that records pictures of the test-taker and his/her photo-ID. Test-takers are shown the pictures and asked to confirm that the pictures can be used to authenticate identity. Each picture is reviewed by a PSI Certified Proctor.


PSI seamlessly integrates with a variety of test engines and learning management system platforms. This solution offers IT Certification Organizations the widest reach, while offering examinees the highest convenience and flexibility. PSI extends the reach of your IT testing program by bringing the exam closer to the examinee.



  • Increase Program’s Global Reach: Penetrate new consumer markets; increase organization/brand/certification awareness.
  • Improve Candidates Testing Experience: Eliminate travel to testing centers, allow candidates to choose a convenient date and testing time as PSI’s Record & Review solution is offered 24/7/365 (with exception of reasonable downtime).
  • Choice in Assessment Offering: Organization has several assessment styles to choose from, multiple-choice (MC), performance-based (PB), or a hybrid of both (HYB).
  • Increase In Overall Assessment: Higher revenue for the Certification Organization.


  • Easy Candidate Access – Working on every computer with every webcam no scheduling required, test with integrity when the candidate is ready.
  • ID Authentication – Simple interface that records pictures of the test-taker and his/her photo-ID. Test-takers are shown the pictures and asked to confirm that the pictures can be used to authenticate identity. Each picture is reviewed by a PSI Certified Proctor.
  • Efficient Recording Capability – Connects with test-takers’ web-camera and microphone while recording the exam conditions during the test creating a video of everything that is being displayed on the test-takers’ computer facilitating quick and efficient reviewing by PSI Certified Proctors.
  • Robust Security – Built-in security actively detects and prevents multiple applications from running before and during an exam. Enhanced browser security prevents screen shots, desktop capture, remote access, virtual machines, hot keys, copy and paste, and more.
  • Easy Implementation – The system is cloud based allowing for ease of implementation and integrates with any Test Delivery or Course Management System that has password protected exams.
  • PSI Certified Proctors – Consistent high quality capacity proctoring availability on timely basis.



Technical Features:

  • Our technologies do not use Flash; they are based on HTML5 and WebRTC, allowing Candidates to use most operating systems (e.g. Apple Mac, Google Chrome, Linux, Microsoft Windows).
  • PSI is integrated into the most common test drivers and allows the Client to use the driver of their choice, and own and manage their content without incurring publishing fees. (PSI has been using online testing drivers, both internal and 3rd party since 2008.)
  • PSI provides several web-service end-points, including the ability to create eligibility in real-time as well as “get” results for completed exams. (PSI shares full API Documentation with Client for ease of integration.)
  • Items are presented to the Candidate one at a time as needed based on the selection rules for a given exam, never downloaded or installed on the Candidate’s system. 



PSI Services LLC (PSI) has over 70 years of experience providing worldwide testing solutions to corporations, federal and state government agencies, professional associations, certifying bodies and leading academic institutions. PSI offers a comprehensive solutions approach from test development to delivery to results processing, including pre-hire employment selection, managerial assessments, licensing and certification tests, distance learning testing, license management services and professional services. More information is available at


For those looking for a higher security solution, check out PSI’s live online proctoring or kiosk remote proctoring models.