Digital Badging


BadgeCert digital badges are third-party verifiable icons that contain information or “metadata” about the issuing organization, as well as when and how the credential was earned and when it will expire. Badges can represent accomplishments such as knowledge competency, attendance, participation, or the completion of a professional credential.

The partnership between PSI and BadgeCert provides a critical service to our clients, allowing them to use BadgeCert’s robust security and verification capabilities will protect the integrity of the credentials our client’s issue. In today’s digital world, professionals want the option to share their credentials online. Digital badges are used in professional and social networking environments to recognize achievements and establish credibility in real time and help individuals move forward professionally.

Our digital badging integration allows you to assign digital badges at successful completion of an exam.

BadgeCert is the leader in digital badging/credentialing for training organizations, corporations, associations and universities.