Self-publishing and Internet-Based Test Drivers

Online Authoring and Internet-Based Test drivers – Whether you are using PSI’s Atlas test driver or our partner drivers, with PSI, we don’t stand in the way of you and your exam content. Access items, build exams and self-publish exams at your convenience and on your schedule, without those heavy publishing fees. Take control of your content with one of our partner integrations.


Questionmark’s mission is to provide the highest quality testing, assessment software, and support services to enable individuals and organizations reach their goals.


Trusted by users across more than 70 countries, TAO is powerful, proven, and free of licensing and test delivery fees. Unlike the proprietary platforms, which are expensive, limit your creativity and lock you in. Discover what you can do with TAO.


Yardstick Measure is an enterprise level Software As A Service hosted item authoring, item banking, assessment management, assessment delivery, and reporting platform all rolled into one.