by Lisa Halter

Burbank, CA March 04, 2016PSI Services LLC (PSI),  a worldwide, industry-leading professional testing services provider to corporations, Federal and State government agencies, professional associations and certifying bodies, today announced a partnership with BadgeCert Inc., a leader in digital credentialing and professional recognition, for the delivery, management, and verification of digital badges. The partnership allows PSI clients and their candidates to obtain verifiable digital badges that can be shared across professional and social platforms.

PSI provides various solutions through its multiple business channels including talent assessments (of job-seeking candidates as well as employee development programs), licensure testing and license management services (for government regulatory agencies), and certification credentialing services (for certifying bodies) worldwide. PSI offers clients various solutions to measure, assess, and identify the skills, abilities, and traits of individuals seeking jobs, licensure or certification credentials.

“The partnership between PSI and BadgeCert provides a critical service to our clients, allowing them to use BadgeCert’s robust security and verification capabilities to protect the integrity of the credentials our clients issue. Dr. Ginger Malin and her team have devoted themselves to developing and evolving their badging platform, and we are thrilled to partner with an organization with similar values in customer service and integrity to offer digital badging services,” said Greg Becker, Executive Vice President at PSI.

“We are thrilled to partner with PSI as they bring an innovative approach to meeting and exceeding their clients’ expectations. This partnership will provide PSI clients with seamless badging administration, while delivering value to credential holders as they share their verified credentials,” said Dr. Ginger Malin, Founder and EVP of Business Development at BadgeCert.

In today’s digital world, professionals want the option to share their credentials online. Digital badges are used in professional and social networking environments to recognize achievements and establish credibility in real time and help individuals move forward professionally.

BadgeCert digital badges are third-party verifiable icons that contain information or “metadata” about the issuing organization, as well as when and how the credential was earned and when it will expire. Badges can represent accomplishments such as knowledge competency, attendance, participation, or the completion of a professional credential.

PSI is proud to offer digital badging services with the launch of our first joint client with BadgeCert in March 2016.

About BadgeCert Inc.

BadgeCert’s enterprise-class hosted software platform enables organizations to recognize their stakeholders’ accomplishments with dynamic digital badges. BadgeCert’s 100% verifiable badges are embedded with qualifying information that details the nature of an earner’s accomplishment and once received, earners can share them with others (particularly employers, customers or colleagues) by putting them directly on their social media profiles, corporate databases, resumes or email signatures. More information is available at

About PSI

PSI Services LLC (PSI) has 70 years of experience providing worldwide testing solutions to corporations, Federal and State government agencies, professional associations and certifying bodies. PSI offers a comprehensive solutions approach from test development to delivery to results processing, including pre-hire employment selection, managerial assessments, licensing and certification tests, license management services, and professional services. More information is available at

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